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Ignition Coil Replacement in Auburn, CA

Your Trusted Source for Ignition Coil Replacement

If the engine in your car, truck or SUV is misfiring, or possibly even backfiring, you may need an ignition coil replacement to correct this problem. An ignition coil is a vital component that transforms the 12-volt battery power of the vehicle to thousands of volts, in order to establish and maintain ignition. In some circumstances the vehicle may not start at all when an ignition coil replacement is needed. Defective ignition coils can cause damage to internal engine components and catalytic converters, making ignition coil replacement a top priority. Based on the engine’s configuration and number of cylinders, your vehicle may be equipped with numerous ignition coils. If you need an ignition coil replacement in Auburn or the surrounding communities of Placer county, you can count on Auburn Auto Doctors to complete the job in a timely manner. Since 1998, we have proudly served our community with professional ignition coil replacement. Our experienced staff is dedicated to superior customer service; your complete satisfaction is our main objective.

Ignition Coil Replacement by Experienced Technicians

The need for an ignition coil replacement needs to first be verified; this process must be performed by a trained and trusted automotive professional. Our ASE-Certified technicians at Auburn Auto Doctors are the specialists you can trust with all of your ignition coil replacement needs. We are equipped with the knowledge and advanced test equipment it takes to identify a faulty ignition coil. Our techs perform ignition coil replacement on a wide range of vehicle makes, newer and older. Whether your Acura has a misfire or your Buick just won't start, consider us your trusted source for ignition coil replacement in Auburn and all of Placer county. For high-quality, affordable ignition coil replacement, visit the experts at Auburn Auto Doctors in Auburn, CA. Call us today or use our convenient online appointment form to schedule your visit.

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